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  • lit theory presentation - 4/25
  • german history paper - 5/1
  • islamic civ exam - 5/1
  • central asia exam - 5/3
  • islamic civ paper - 5/7
  • lit theory exam - 5/7
  • GRADUATION - 5/12

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media round-up

01. A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin
02. A Clash of Kings, GRRM

01. Hanna
02. Jesus Christ Superstar*

01. Passing Strange, the Spike Lee-directed live version
02. a boot of American Idiot

Parks and Recreation, 03.09, 03.10, 03.11
Community, 02.20, 02.21, 02.22
The Vampire Diaries, all of it except the two most recent episodes, WOOO
The Office, 07.22, which spurred a rewatch of bits of s2-s3
Glee, ugh
Doctor Who, 06.01, 06.02

this semester is over in one week, I CANNOT WAIT.
MARCH MEDIA!!! rockin'.


1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince*
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*
(both for class! wow, I am terrible.)


1. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World* (and, inexplicably, 3/4 commentaries? idk, idk, i have conflicted feelings on the movie so i cannot say why that happened, but...it did.)
2. Summer Wars (♥__♥!)
3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (♥__♥!!!!!!!!!!)
lol I started watching Camp but I couldn't finish it, it was too terrible for my second hand embarrassment to deal with
4. High School Musical*
5. Tangled*

Parks & Rec, 2.07, 2.08 (fuck you too, hiatus)
Community, 2.18, 2.19
The Office, the one where Michael proposed to Holly, man those were some feelings about a show I have stopped watching
Glee, fucking all of it, whatever, h8 ur face dcriss
and for some reason I rewatched a lot of Arrested Development over break, idk
oh the PBS Great Performances: In The Heights Chasing Dreams things, whatever the real title is it is some combination of that too lazy to look it up but everyone should watch it it is on youtube a lot of feelings are involved

Man, March was a pretty dry month. tbh fandom-wise I spent most of it being overwhelmed with In the Heights feelings when they started announcing casting possibilities and then being really depressed when Universal dropped the movie project. :'( FOREVER, hopefully it will get made somedaaaay.

suddenly: a post!

LIVEJOURNAL! I am using you. >:( here is a media round-up for January/February 2011, because it seems like a convenient way as any to keep track!

(* = rewatch/reread!)


1. The Golden Compass*, Philip Pullman
2. The Subtle Knife*, Philip Pullman
3. The Amber Spyglass*, Philip Pullman
4. Sabriel, Garth Nix
5. Lirael, Garth Nix

and then a couple dumb books for school you guys don't actual want to hear about (Changes in the Land & An Explorer of Changing Horizons, oooooo)


1. Zombies Calling, Faith Erin Hicks
2. The War at Ellsmere, Faith Erin Hicks


1. Newsies*
2. I Love You Man*
3. True Grit*
4. Tangled*
5. Cars
6. Whisper of the Heart
7. Only Yesterday
8. Porco Rosso
9. Kiki's Delivery Service*
10. Whisper of the Heart* (insta-comfort movie?!)
11. Mulan*
12. Lilo & Stitch*
13. Cats Don't Dance*

also, compulsively rewatching bts featurettes on Disney DVDs, because they inexplicably comfort me (probs because they were my sick day jam in junior high, now I associate them with no school and eating soup and sleeping all day on my couch at home, which is the greatest couch.)


1. Starship, The Center On Halsted, Chicago, 02.17.11, 7:00 PM
2. the MTV recording of Legally Blonde: The Musical* (twice in a row) (whatever)


all of Doctor Who series 5, except I still need to watch the Christmas special (at the very beginning of the year)
Digimon - 2.01-2.13, rewatch with meredyd, because we are Cool Kids (always.)
Parks & Rec - 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, a couple of rewatches of season 2 episodes, and I watched 3.02 probably twenty zillion times (CHICKEN SOUP ;_;)
Community - 2.12, 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, 2.17
30 Rock - 5.11, 5.12, 5.13, 5.14, 5.15, 5.16
the Valentine's Day Office episode, randomly
HIMYM - 6.13, 6.15, 6.16 (can Marshall's family stay forever? I love them.)
Glee - Fuck you Darren Criss and your stupid face, all the new episodes, WHATEVER. but I am just saying that like 60% of the Valentine's Day episode was genuinely enjoyable, a new high for Glee. of course, it immediately plunged right back down to being 95% terrible again, so whatever.
Every dumb awards show (lol this awards season)

and I have listened to A TON of Creative Screenwriting and Spline Doctors (interviews with animators) podcasts...because? IDK. there are times I wish my tastes aligned with actual fandom's in any way, but whatev.

I'm not doing too bad, thus far. I need to read more outside of school tho, ugh.
Hey, I am terrible at posting these days (though I still read my flist, promise), but I thought I would throw this out there anyway.

my thread at the Holiday Love Meme!

I like this meme a lot! people are cool. I will try and hit all of you up, too. :)

i need icons of lost ladies so bad

wow this is out of left-field. sorry I abandoned LJ again! I am all over tumblr though, so I was not totally ~absent from the 'net~ this time. I-I guess?!

BUT I am making this post primarily because I realized that I DESPERATELY NEED TO TALK ABOUT LOST even though at this point I...kind of hate it? in a way where it really brings the LOLs but I also am just so astounded at the levels of terribleness it is reaching and just NEED TO EXPRESS MY BEWILDERMENT/AMUSEMENT. so I would occasionally go over to ontd_lost engage in discussion but then I felt like a tool because I really do not genuinely like the show anymore so really I am just harshing on people's buzzes like a douche!

SO HERE IT GOES GUYS. Imma start LJing again just to whine about Lost. sorry about that. (though I miss like, actually talking to people! tumblr is really excellent and fun but not always conducive to discussion I guess.)

this is all re: some comments Damon Lindelof just made about how people should mentally prepare themselves for the finale.

no actual spoilers about the finale, but spoilers for the season up till nowCollapse )

and the other thing is that even after all of this I still keep contemplating buying season fucking 3 because I just love Dr. Juliet Burke and especially then. (I have been having some ~Juliet feelings~ too, but I can save that explosion for later.) the things you do for awesome ladies, man.

in other news, I want to marry Community and also as of more recently Parks & Rec. SHOWS THAT ARE GOOD, they also exist. thankfully.
I feel that tumblr may be exactly what I need to start regularly blogging again. PRETTY PICTURES. so!

I am alorrainea over there.

A-add me? I miss you guys!

oh baby baby

here is the sad thing...I went ahead and finished up Adventure! ahahahhahahaha...ha...ha.

WARNING: this is so unnecessarily verbose. I feel the need to get all of my DIGI-FEELINGS out at once since I have very few outlets guys!

Dark Masters till THE BITTER END, baby.Collapse )

oh Digimon Adventure. you are like a little distilled bottle of my childhood, ready to be relived at any moment. and it is beautiful. <33333